ss Navštivte Jeseníky / Visit Jeseníky mountains campaign by FILMOCHOD

Navštivte Jeseníky / Visit Jeseníky mountains campaign

Public transport campaign for the Jeseníky region in Czech Republic.

Project info

The brief was to increase awareness of the Jeseniky mountains, as an alternative to the more known and more expensive holiday regions. We proposed the key message was to be the sympathy for the commuters, travelling the grey of urban landcape, interrupted only by advertising. So we took the traveller to the mountain view right from the transport. All the signs and copy are paraphrasing the clichés of public transport messages or advertising.

You may think the visuals were composed in photoshop, but.. you were just tricked by your own media experience!

No photoshop composition! We actually took the props to the mountains and shot the photos there. It was way more fun.


client PORTA
creative agency FILMOCHOD
creative director Adam Hrubý
line producer Marek Loskot
the character Sergei Sendža

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